Playing by the book

Reviews of kids' books and the crazy, fun stuff they inspire us to do

Accidents, acetate and an amazing book

Go to any author or illustrator event, and a question that nearly always gets asked is “Where do you get your ideas from?“. It’s like the holy grail, especially for young children who may be aspiring book creators themselves – they are understandably keen for advice on where to locate that imagined treasure store of […]

A dazzle of books..?

A plague of locusts… A pride of lions… A flock of sheep… But what do you call a collection of books about collective nouns? A brilliance? A giggle? A talent? When it comes to the set published by PatrickGeorge, all of the above could apply. A filth of starlings, A drove of bullocks, A crackle […]

On becoming curious again

Books which introduce babies and the youngest of kids to basic concepts such as colours, shapes, numbers and opposites are ten-a-penny, so when one comes along that takes you by surprise and makes you look afresh at these basic concepts again, you sit up and take notice. Publisher PatrickGeorge has created not one, but four […]

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