Playing by the book

Reviews of kids' books and the crazy, fun stuff they inspire us to do

Books can give you lifeskills: Never underestimate a good sandwich

Many libraries and schools will have a shelf labelled something like “When a book might help“, with titles covering everything from Adoption to Asthma, Teasing to Twins, and beyond. But there’s also a very important space for books which give you practical life skills… like how to make a mean sandwich. I jest not Very […]

Aliens at school, and how (and why) to choose books to read to large groups of kids

For last week’s book+activity session I held at the girls’ school we read and played aliens. First up was a new book by Sue Hendra, Wanda’s Space Party. For Wanda’s birthday treat, her friend, the alien, takes Wanda to his planet for a special space party. Wanda is amazed by all the new things she […]

When is it ok to teach your kid to kill animals?

If you were reading Playing by the book earlier in the week, you might be concerned where this post is going. Let me assure you, M’s game of burying dead animals has not reached such heights she is now looking to create her own supply of animals in need of funerals. No, nothing of this […]

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