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Postcards and books around the world

Sandhya made a great suggestion in the comments on my previous post – to put up a list of all the countries from where we had families participating in the postcard swap. That would have been too easy (!) so in addition to the list of countries, I’ve added a link or two to interesting […]

So you think you want to hold a postcard swap?

Now that the dust has settled on our International Postcard Swap for Families I thought I’d write up a post about how I did it and what I’d change next time. This is partly for my own benefit – so that when I hold another swap it’s easier for me, but also because a few […]

Blog hopping with the postcard swap

In a break with normal scheduling, I thought that today I’d bring you a selection of blog posts from families who have participated in the International Postcard Swap for Families – posts all about the cards they’ve sent and received. There are some absolutely lovely posts out there and I hope you’ll find some to […]

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