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I’m looking for a book about… ancient civilizations

Welcome to “I’m looking for a book about….”, the topic-themed monthly carnival of children’s literature. Every month I encourage anyone who likes to review books for children (of any age) to leave links to their reviews of books that match the given month’s theme. The idea is that over time, this carnival will become a […]

Heroes and Greek Myths for kids

Greek Myths: Stories of Sun, Stone and Sea by Sally Pomme Clayton, illustrated by Jane Ray is my choice to go with today’s Picture Book Month theme of Heroes, because there are few collections of stories packed with more heroes than the library of stories which make up Greek mythology. Renowned oral storyteller Sally Pomme […]

Nonfiction Monday – The Planet Gods

For my contribution to this week’s Nonfiction Monday I’m reviewing The Planet Gods: Myths and Facts about the Solar System by Jacqueline Mitton and Christina Balit The Planet Gods is a tremendous, beautifully written, stunningly illustrated introduction to the solar system. Each of the planets (plus three so-called dwarf planets) in our night sky is […]

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