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2012 Calendars featuring art by children’s book illustrators

September has already arrived and yesterday was M’s first day back at school, starting a new year. With plenty of planning on my mind I thought today would be a good time to share a round-up of 2012 Calendars featuring art by children’s book illustrators. The one calendar I’m definitely buying this year is that […]

Something to make 2011 get off to a great start…

I’ve one last giveaway for this year and although it’s not large, it is beautiful and inspirational and just perfect if you love children’s books. But first some background… A few weeks ago I wrote about calendars I had unearthed which featured the work of children’s book illustrators. In the process of researching those calendars […]

Calendars with art by children’s book illustrators

**Try your luck at winning a children’s bookcase! Just click here and leave a comment** It’s that time of year when I’ve been looking for a new calendar for next year and this year I set myself the challenge of finding one with art from children’s book illustrators. I found some lovely calendars – it’s […]

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