Playing by the book

Reviews of kids' books and the crazy, fun stuff they inspire us to do

For when you need a pink princess story where they all live happily ever after

Autumn has arrived here, and with it, a beautifully illustrated book to take on our blackberry foraging: Lily the little Princess by Daniela Drescher. Lily lives an idyllic life, playing with animal friends amongst flowers and nature’s bounty, in her magical kingdom behind a hedge (a hedge just like those where we’ve been picking blackberries). […]

Some books were harmed in the making of this post

You know how films often end with the disclaimer “No animals were harmed in the making of this film“… well I’m afraid today ALA or CILIP won’t be granting me the same disclaimer for books in this post so look away now if you’re the sort of person who never marks a book, never folds […]

A crown of fire

We have a few birthday traditions in this house (chocolate cake, of course, bunting and Dutch slingers – paper bunting / garlands often with words, shapes or characters – see here for some pictures), and last weekend we added what I hope will become a new tradition – a crown of flowers for the birthday […]

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