Playing by the book

Reviews of kids' books and the crazy, fun stuff they inspire us to do

Bombmaking with children…

For the last couple of weeks any spare minutes of peace and quiet have been spent delighting in (the) Play Pen, a treat of a tome for those of us who love children’s book illustration. Written by Martin Salisbury, Reader in Illustration at the Cambridge School of Art, this book has helped me discover many […]

Fruit, veg and friendships across the divide

With our local library closed I’ve become even more weak-willed when it comes to buying books. Recently a remaindered book shop opened within walking distance of us and I found myself (unsurprisingly) unable to walk past it… That said, I didn’t have high hopes about what I would find so it was an extra delight […]

The overconsumption of dandelions

M has always loved dandelions. The first song she ever made up by herself went something like (this may lose a little in translation – it’s normally only ever sung in Dutch): DAN-DE-LION! DAN-DE-LION! There wasn’t a rabbit any more! There wasn’t a duck anymore! DAN-DE-LION! DAN-DE-LION! Now music publishing houses may not be rushing […]

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