Playing by the book

Reviews of kids' books and the crazy, fun stuff they inspire us to do

Findus and the fox

Recently I’ve been feeling rather guilty here on the blog as my Reading Round Europe tour has been on hold now for far longer than I would have liked. I can assure you I haven’t forgotten it and I will be continuing with it… it’s just that so many other good things keep popping up […]

Quick thinking saves the day

As we read around Europe I’ll be making occasional brief trips back to the UK to review some of the latest releases in the anglo-saxon kidlit publishing world and today is such a day. One of my favourite books last year was One Smart Fish by Chris Wormell (which I reviewed here, and which later […]

Clucking about chicken books

My mum recently realised a long held ambition – to start keeping chickens. She’s got three little hens, Pippi Longstocking (because she’s so adventurous), Mabel and Rosie, and recently M and J got to meet them for the first time. In honour of these new members of the extended family we’ve been reading lots and […]

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