Playing by the book

Reviews of kids' books and the crazy, fun stuff they inspire us to do

Barbapapa’s New House – A book so good I’m featuring it for a SECOND time!

Back in 2010 I chose a book very dear to my heart in celebration of my 100th post on Playing by the book: Barbapapa’s New House by Annette Tison and Talus Taylor. I am now feeling very old, as this will be my 770th post on Playing by the book and it is celebrating the […]

If you love someone… you have to let them leave you

If you don’t already know the wickedly funny, heart-warming, deliciously illustrated Pettson and Findus books by Sven Nordqvist, please STOP READING this blog post and get on your online library catalogue or down to your local bookshop and Rectify This Situation Immediately. This is for your own good. Don’t waste time on my words, just […]

Never judge a book by its cover?

It’s been a while since I fell in love at first sight, but that’s precisely what happened when I saw the front cover of Red Cat, Blue Cat by debut author/illustrator Jenni Desmond. The cats’ gorgeously grumpy expressions, the boldness of the image as a whole, the delicate detailing of the birds in flight – […]

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