Playing by the book

Reviews of kids' books and the crazy, fun stuff they inspire us to do

Fantastic Fiction for Kids – Thinking about life as a refugee

We’re half way through National Refugee Week here in the UK and as my small contribution to it Fantastic Fiction for Kids is this week all about refugees. It is also, necessarily, about humanity, compassion, despair, empathy and hope. The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi Unhei has left Korea and is just starting at her […]

Moon machine

Shirley Hughes is one of our favourite illustrators in this house and although we’ve read and enjoyed many of her books (though not all 200 or so she has illustrated nor all 50+ she has written), over Christmas we came across a book of hers that was new to us – Abel’s Moon. Abel Grable […]

What journeys led you here?

This time of year is often a time for remembering the dead, whether it is through Halloween, the Day of the Dead, All Soul’s Day or Remembrance Sunday. And so I’ve been thinking about my family, in particular all those who came before and their contribution to the family I now have and love around […]

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