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Bears delivering and receiving letters: Books by Tom Percival and David Lucas

One of the everyday delights in my life is getting post; the sort that comes through the letter box and thuds satisfylingly on the mat. Indeed, it’s one of the fringe benefits of reviewing children’s books, that most weeks I get beautiful and exciting mail, literally turning each day into a small gift. Two very […]


If you continue reading this post, you are agreeing to keep the details revealed herein TOP SECRET. The only people who already know what I am going to share with you are: 1) The Queen 2) The Prime Minister 3) Spies and shortly… 4) YOU. Shhhh! Make sure no-one is looking over your shoulder as […]

Books about sending and receiving post

To celebrate the launch of the 2011 International Postcard Swap for Families I’ve been researching great children’s books, especially picture books, all about letters, mail, post and post offices. Last year I published a list of 99 such books as a series of Amazon listmania lists: Click on the links below to take you to […]

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