Playing by the book

Reviews of kids' books and the crazy, fun stuff they inspire us to do

Three cheers for Rosie Revere!

The last couple of weeks on the blog have really reminded me how books can take you everywhere and anywhere. From “pink” books, to the Holocaust, to environmental campaigning, I do love the journey my blog takes me on. Today’s roving brings us to contemplate engineering and what constitutes failure, with Rosie Revere, Engineer by […]

I’m looking for a book about… inventors and inventions

Welcome to “I’m looking for a book about….”, the topic-themed monthly carnival of children’s literature. Every month I encourage anyone who likes to review books for children (of any age) to leave links to their reviews of books that match the given month’s theme. The idea is that over time, this carnival will become a […]

A dazzle of books..?

A plague of locusts… A pride of lions… A flock of sheep… But what do you call a collection of books about collective nouns? A brilliance? A giggle? A talent? When it comes to the set published by PatrickGeorge, all of the above could apply. A filth of starlings, A drove of bullocks, A crackle […]

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