Playing by the book

Reviews of kids' books and the crazy, fun stuff they inspire us to do

All you need is a stick

Things-I-have-learned-as-a-parent number 359: A walk for the sheer fun of it, in our local park or nature reserve, is never complete without a stick. The sooner the girls can find one which meets their ideals for the day the happier they are. A big one to lean on, a little one to become a wand, […]

A few more words on slugs…

I meant to include this earlier in the week but it slipped my mind, so here today, is probably the funniest poem you’ll read all week – Slug by Matt Harvey (in his collection Where Earwigs Dare). SLUG low-born land mollusc high-impact intruder free-loader, sprout-spoiler meandering marauder disrespecter of my broad-beans’ border you’ve a one-track […]

When is it ok to teach your kid to kill animals?

If you were reading Playing by the book earlier in the week, you might be concerned where this post is going. Let me assure you, M’s game of burying dead animals has not reached such heights she is now looking to create her own supply of animals in need of funerals. No, nothing of this […]

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