Playing by the book

Reviews of kids' books and the crazy, fun stuff they inspire us to do

The day of reckoning…

So here they our, our 4 sunflowers we grew as part of the Nurture Store’s Sunflower Challenge in aid of Compton Hospice. Our tallest comes in at 199cm and is still some way off blooming. It may have a bud – I can’t tell from down below! What with relatives visiting and a very busy […]

A season of sunflowers

On Saturday I reviewed another Sunflower picture book as part of Nurture Store’s Sunflower Challenge – do head on over to read about a peaceful and mysterious book, particularly good for sons and dads but a lovely read for anyone wanting a slightly different take on sunflowers. Our sunflowers are doing well – the tallest […]

Growing sunflowers and Measuring Angels

As you can see from the logo to the right, J, M and I are taking part in NurtureStore‘s Sunflower Challenge 2011. Not only are we growing and nurturing (hopefully) competition winning sunflowers we’re also taking the opportunity to read plenty of books about these wonderful followers of the sun. Today I’m guestposting over at […]

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