Playing by the book

Reviews of kids' books and the crazy, fun stuff they inspire us to do

We each have our own ways of telling stories: The Story Machine by Tom McLaughlin

A transformative story about finding what works for you, The Story Machine by Tom Mclaughlin (@_TomMcLaughlin) opens with a mystery. Up in his loft, Elliott has stumbled upon some sort of ancient contraption, and he want to find out what it does. When he accidentally falls onto the machine little levers whir into action – […]

Bears delivering and receiving letters: Books by Tom Percival and David Lucas

One of the everyday delights in my life is getting post; the sort that comes through the letter box and thuds satisfylingly on the mat. Indeed, it’s one of the fringe benefits of reviewing children’s books, that most weeks I get beautiful and exciting mail, literally turning each day into a small gift. Two very […]

A story, a story, let it come, let it go… (a review for budding writers told as a tale)

Once upon a time there lived a slightly crazy mum with static hair that frizzed easily, giving the impression a small electric current was constantly pulsing through her. She had two delicious daughters who sought out stories every supper time, and because the mum had an obsession (resolutely unacknowledged, but plain for all to see) […]

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