Playing by the book

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Where next? Playing by the Book is at a crossroads

I try to keep my personal life out of my blog, but given that things might be quiet here for a while today’s post is something by way of an explanation. On Monday the school I work for informed their librarian that her services were no longer required, that as of the new academic year, […]

Could you plant a seed? Could you be a Patron of Reading?

Earlier this week Caryl Hart suggested I watch this TED talk: I’m very grateful she did, and now I can’t help but suggest you watch it too, although I should warn you that it left me in tears and might do the same for you. It’s a powerful piece about the importance of caring for […]

Never miss a post!

Last night I carried out a rather major update to Playing by the book and I’m not sure if those of you who subscribe via a feed are still getting my posts. If you like to subscribe via your Google homepage you can do so easily here: If you’d like to receive each and […]

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