Playing by the book

Reviews of kids' books and the crazy, fun stuff they inspire us to do

How could *you* spread the joy which books bring you?

As a family we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day and as a blogger I don’t take part in many challenges or events, and yet when I saw Jenna’s plan to celebrate her love of books by hosting an event that spreads the joy they create, I simply couldn’t resist signing up. Share the Love of […]

When is it ok to teach your kid to kill animals?

If you were reading Playing by the book earlier in the week, you might be concerned where this post is going. Let me assure you, M’s game of burying dead animals has not reached such heights she is now looking to create her own supply of animals in need of funerals. No, nothing of this […]

Quick thinking saves the day

As we read around Europe I’ll be making occasional brief trips back to the UK to review some of the latest releases in the anglo-saxon kidlit publishing world and today is such a day. One of my favourite books last year was One Smart Fish by Chris Wormell (which I reviewed here, and which later […]

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