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International Book Giving Day is all about getting books into the hand of kids.

We’re encouraging readers, bloggers, authors and everyone who loves books to get involved by donating a book (or more) to a child (or more) on February 14th. It can be a new book, or a gently used one.

You could donate a book

  • to a charity specialising in reading/literacy, for example Books for Africa (US), The Pelican Post(UK) or The Reading Tree (Canada)
  • to a local playgroup
  • to a waiting room where kids are often bored eg at the dentists

  • What’s more the marvellous author and illustrator Clara Vulliamy has designed a bookplate (ex libris) for you to use, if you wish, inside the books you are donating. Thank you Clara!

    Clara’s bookplate features characters from her forthcoming book Martha and the Bunny Brothers . You can print off Clara’s bookplate, cut it out, colour it in, and then stick it inside the book(s) you’re donating.

    Click here to download a pdf version of the bookplate (this version is 10mx10cm so good for smaller books). Alternatively you can click on the image above and then print straight from your browser (without resizing, the image is best for larger books).

    International Book Giving Day can be found

  • on Blogger
  • on Twitter @bookgivingday
  • on Facebook
  • on Pinterest

  • On February 21st we’ll be hosting a grand link-up on our blog where we encourage you to come and tell us about how you celebrated International Book Giving Day. If you’re a blogger you can write a post and link to that. If you’re a reader, you can leave a comment and share your good news with us.

    Here’s to getting lots of books into the hand of lots of children, and encouraging a love of reading!

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