What can cats do?

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What Can Cats Do? by Abner Graboff is an innocent yet perceptive mixture of questions, statements and observations comparing what a child can do with life as a cat. Graboff’s expansive, bold illustrations are robust, captivating and full of warmth … Continued


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With its old-fashioned storytelling, sparkling throughout with a thoroughly modern and refreshing sensibility, Brightstorm by Vashti Hardy (@vashti_hardy) is a delightful tale of exploration, ingenuity and friendship. The Brightstorm twins, Arthur and Maude, find themselves orphaned when their father fails … Continued

Ten fat sausages

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Ten Fat Sausages by Michelle Robinson (@MicheRobinson), illustrated by Tor Freeman (@tormalore) takes a well-known counting song and imagines what might have happened if the sausages in question had tried to escape their explosive fate. Turning the pages, we witness … Continued

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