Ice cream books

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This weekend we made ourselves a treat – books out of ice cream! We cut wafers like these to book proportions… And then the girls decorated the wafers to look like book covers using icing felt tips (like these from … Continued

What can cats do?

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What Can Cats Do? by Abner Graboff is an innocent yet perceptive mixture of questions, statements and observations comparing what a child can do with life as a cat. Graboff’s expansive, bold illustrations are robust, captivating and full of warmth … Continued


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With its old-fashioned storytelling, sparkling throughout with a thoroughly modern and refreshing sensibility, Brightstorm by Vashti Hardy (@vashti_hardy) is a delightful tale of exploration, ingenuity and friendship. The Brightstorm twins, Arthur and Maude, find themselves orphaned when their father fails … Continued