If you would like me to promote a book-related product, service or event on my blog e.g. because you make bookcases, you create book-themed paraphernalia or you are running a competition for budding writers or illustrators, please get in touch and I’ll consider your proposal. I’m always interested in offering book-related giveaways on my blog.

If you would like me to work for you, for example writing about children’s books, or running workshops, you can find out more here.

On my blog I do not promote competitions/run giveaways if the competition is being run by a business which is not children’s book based. This is the case even if the competition/givaways are book themed. Essentially such competitions/giveaways are actually about promoting breakfast cereals / toys / bedding (you get the idea) and I’m afraid that’s not for me, at least not here on my blog.

I do not accept advertising for anything which is unrelated to books / book art. I will not promote any product / campaign unrelated to books / book art. Playing by the book is, after all, a blog all about books and book art.

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