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Hello everybody and welcome to our second Fantastic Fiction for Kids post! I was so happy last week when I saw/read the ripples which spread out from Lynn’s post all about great truck books. It was especially exciting to hear from some of you who haven’t previously left a comment – *thank you*!

reading-my-libraryThis week’s list comes from Carrie at Reading my Library. As I’ve mentioned previously, Carrie and her two young boys are on the most amazing of adventures – they are gradually reading their way, from A to Z, through every single picture book in the kids’ section of their local library. Carrie blogs about the delights (and occasionally the terrors) she is finding along the way, and I’ve certainly discovered quite a few new books that are just wonderful thanks to Carrie’s reviews.

Carrie’s chosen topic for today is SHARKS! I would say “let’s dive in” but I don’t want us to lose any limbs, so just sit back and enjoy!

yummy_yummy_food_for_my_tummy_frontcoverYummy! Yummy! Food for My Tummy! written by Sam Lloyd and illustrated by Jack Tickle

We love this book because it has a running refrain of “Yummy! Yummy! Food for my tummy!” Plus, the sharks appear on just about every single page, and sometimes in mass quantity. This is just utterly fascinating when you are three and studying shark bodies.

smiley_shark_frontcoverSmiley Shark by Ruth Galloway

This book is clever, brilliant, charming and just plain fun! Smiley Shark is really a very friendly shark. He tries really hard to make friends. The only problem is that every time he approaches the other sea creatures and smiles, all they see are his teeth. They eventually learn to trust him, but it’s a tough road there for awhile.

gobble_it_up_frontcover2Gobble it Up by Jim Arnosky

This book talks about the food chain but it is told in the form of a song (or rhyme). We like this book because it has a great white shark. And the great white shark, as you know, has a great many teeth. There are two page spreads with the shark chasing fish and we have enjoyed examining the great white’s hunting skills and style with Gobble it Up! [Zoe adds: Carrie has written more about this lovely book in her blog post Jim Arnosky Plays in Water]

Zoe adds some more:

I can’t resist adding our favourite shark book to this lovely list.


Gilbert the Great written by Jane Clarke and illustrated by Charles Fuge is a very touching book about the sadness of losing dear friends and the joy of making new ones. The illustrations are full of fun detail and despite the delicate topic, there’s plenty of humour for both adults and kids.

So now some music…

Yes, I’m afraid I have to start with the theme music to Jaws – great for playing chase with little kids all around the kitchen! Then there’s the chirpy Shark by Geof Johnson, the funny Bob the Shark by Mr. Heath and the marvellous Chivalrous Shark, originally written by Wallace Irwin, but performed here by Alleyoop (lyrics available here)

And not forgetting shark play…

  • Martha Stewart has instructions on how to turn a pair of plain gloves into shark gloves/puppets
  • use an old plastic bottle to make what they describe as a fish but I think this would make a very effective shark – I like the use of paint inside the bottle/shark’s body
  • Over at se7en there’s a great set of instructions with photos for making 3-D paper sharks and a really fantastic art project based on the view out of a shark’s mouth!
  • has a fun idea for personalizing a pair of trainers/sneakers
  • Thanks again to Carrie from Reading my Library – please do pay her a visit and see how far she’s got on her library adventure! And if you’ve a few more spare minutes, please leave us your favourite shark books / music / crafts here in the comments – thanks!

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    1. TheMadHouse

      What a coincidence, we have got The Shark in the Dark by Peter Bently as one of our library books this week. We visit on a Monday afternoon every week!!

      • Zoe

        Hello TheMadHouse! I don’t know The Shark in the Dark – what do you think of it? Have your boys enjoyed it?

    2. Lynn

      Great post!! I don’t know how I wasn’t already subscribed to Carrie’s blog, but i have added it to my google reader now. I don’t think we’ve read any shark books, but I’ll have to keep these in mind. They look like great choices.

    3. Ashley

      Wonderful book suggestions, sharks are one of those topics it can be hard to find most I’ve seen are non fiction, so these are just great.
      We have a pretty poor library here, don’t think it would take long to read all their childrens books, I envy those close to a large well stocked one … hence I usually end up buying instead, with the recent great recommendations this blog will be putting quite a dent in my bank balance!

      • Zoe

        I’m sure it’s no consolation Ashley but my bank balance has also suffered somewhat since starting this blog!

    4. vanessa

      We have not read ANY shark books! What a shame. I am on a mission to remedy it next week at the library. Hopefully, our library will have some of these titles.

      Another great Fantastic Fiction post! Keep’em coming! 🙂

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