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twitter_logo_headerAs a bit of an experiment I’ve joined Twitter – and would love it if you wanted to follow me!

I’ve decided to try Twitter as I’m increasingly coming across fun kids lit stuff which doesn’t fit into the format I have here on the blog, but which I think would be great to share. If all goes according to plan I won’t be tweeting about blog posts but rather other interesting news from the world of kids’ books. I imagine I’ll be tweeting a few times a week so you won’t get swamped if you do decide to follow me!

My account: http://twitter.com/playbythebook

And if any of you use Twitter and have tips for me on how best to use it, please let me know!

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  1. Lynn

    I hope you enjoy Twitter! I signed up awhile ago (I_Bibliophile), but I haven’t really gotten much out of it. I find it too hectic to follow all of the different tweets. I never got the hang of using the tools to categorize friends versus all of the random people who sign up to follow you and you follow back. I keep toying with the idea of eliminating 99% of the people I follow so that I really am following only people I care about reading tweets from. For now I don’t really use it. So I’ll be interested to hear what you think of it!

  2. Zoe

    Thanks Lynn for sharing your experience. I’ve been holding off as I certainly don’t want to be tweeting about stuff you’ll read anyway on my blog – that approach seems not far off from spam to me personally, or about the minutiae of my existence (not even interesting to me most of the time!), but I have found in the last month or so that there have been interesting things I’d like to share and to hear other people’s opinions on, but which don’t fit into the blog because I have quite a well-defined format for the blog – for instance brilliant books which I wouldn’t feature on the blog because we don’t do a crafty activity related to them. Anyway, we’ll see how things go – and once you’ve had some of my tweets do let me know if you think they are worthwhile reading or not!

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