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Another great way to meet new bloggers and find inspiration is by visiting a carnival. Carnivals often take place less frequently than the weekly memes I talked about yesterday and on Monday (typically once a month) and they are a rather more like magazines with a greater variety of posts, although still unified by some theme. Here are some carnivals I like visiting (and taking part in!):

Carnival of Children’s Literature
This is a monthly round-up of blog posts about children’s literature, with contributions from children’s book authors, illustrators and reviewers as well as parents, educators and librarians. In March the carnival was hosted by The Miss Rumphius Effect (click here to visit the Carnival), and on April 30th Kathy from forwordsbook will be hosting. If you’d like to submit an post to be included in the next carnival visit the Blog Carnival Widget and click on Submit an article.

I can read
A round up of reviews of easy readers and/or short chapter books. In February this was hosted by Anastasia at 5 Great Books, whilst later this month Jennifer at the Jean Little Library will be hosting. To participate just contact Jennifer via her blog and let her have the link to your post on easy readers and/or short chapter books.

Kids’ Picks
The THIRD Tuesday of each month is Kids’ Picks at 5 Minutes for Books – a chance to share what your children have loved reading in the past month — whether the child is two or twelve or seventeen. Kids’ Picks for March can be read here, and if you want to submit for the April carnival, head on over to 5 Minutes for Books on April 20th.

Book review blog carnival
This carnival doesn’t feature a great deal of children’s literature but is happy to receive kidlit submissions.

On the first day of every month, Kelly at Stacked or Abby (the) Librarian hosts a carnival of blogosphere posts about audiobooks. Whilst not specifically about children’s audiobooks they are more than happy to receive posts on kidlit audiobooks. Here is April’s round up. On May 1 head on over to Stacked and leave your post if you’d like to join in next time.

All things Family
All things Family is a weekly carnival where you can share your family related tips, posts, resources and favourites with others. Crafty and art project feature regularly. If you’d like to participate visit the carnival blog widget and click on “submit an article”. Note, some weeks this carnival has a particular theme.

Get Grafty LogoCraft Carnival at RedTedArt
This is a new monthly carnival hosted by Maggy at RedTedArt. It’s theme changes each carnival, but it’s always about crafty things you’ve been getting up to. It’s not restricted to crafts with or for children, although there is a bias towards kid-related submissions. Next month’s carnival has “Red” as its theme, and is due to be published on May 5th (with submissions by April 30th). To enter, please visit RedTedArt’s most recent carnival post and leave a link to your own Red-related crafty blog post!

Again, I’ve left out homeschooling carnivals as I’m not a homeschooler, but these can be great places to find new ideas. If you’re tempted to set up a new carnival Blog Carnival is a good starting point.

Here are a couple book and play challenges I’ve found that might inspire you.

A weekly challenge posted each weekend to inspire kids to make or create something with a given set of materials. Participants in the weekly challenges can send photos of their challenge results and the best are posted on Think! a week or so later.

Children’s Classics Mystery Challenge
The second Tuesday of each month is devoted to children’s mystery classics over at 5 Minutes for Books. Any reviews of kids’ mysteries (in any format eg book, audiobook, even video!) can be shared. The roundup for March can be found here.

The Comment Challenge
This is an annual challenge in the kidlitosphere to encourage you to leave comments on Kid Lit blogs. I took the challenge this year and it honestly changed my life – or at least the bit of my life that is about children’s literature. I discovered so many new, brilliant blogs and I also became so much better at leaving comments on other peoples blogs. Commenting has now become an important part of my blog life – as it should be I think seeing as I want to play an active role in the (kidlit/kidcraft) blogosphere. So keep your eyes peeled for the next comment challenge – it comes very highly recommended!

What other carnivals and challenges do you know about that are specifically for kids’ books and activities? Or perhaps you have an idea for a new carnival or challenge?

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  1. Maggy, Red Ted Art

    Thank you for including Get Crafty!! Looking forward to seeing everyones things! Also, love the list of other carnivals and blogs (and the one you sent earlier in the week!). Fabulous resources… now need to make the time to go through them all and make the most of it!!!

    Thanks, Zoe!


  2. Choxbox

    On one of these links I travelled happily to a blog which had reviewed a book called “Lost and Found’. I was totally thrilled because just last week I picked up a mint condition secondhand copy from a street-side bookseller for 20 rupees (~25p)! Awesome book!

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