Book Blogger Appreciation Week!

| 13

A date for your diaries! Book Blogger Appreciation Week, which spotlights and celebrates the work of active book bloggers through guest posts, awards, giveaways, and community activities, will be happening this year September 13-17 ๐Ÿ™‚

Last year I had been blogging only about 6 weeks when the week-long book blogging celebration was held and it was a fantastic way for me to discover lots of new book blogs. I was inspired by so many of the blogs I came across – both from a book point of view and from a blogging point of view – and so I’m already looking forward to this year’s festival.

As part of the partying, awards are made for the best blog in different book-related categories. Previous winners of the Best Kidlit Blog include:

  • Jen Robinson’s Book Page
  • Well Read Child
  • Maw Books Blog

  • This year, I’m registering Playing by the book for consideration in the Best Kidlit category and as part of this process I’ve had to select 5 past posts to highlight for the award judges. So, after some umm-ing and aah-ing here are my favourite 5 posts:

  • Sounds of the seashore
  • Fantastic Fiction for Kids – Death and Grief
  • What journeys led you here?
  • Laughter and a lot of it
  • Going to the Library

  • Is there a post of mine you think I’ve missed but should have included?

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    1. sandhya

      Wow! You always connect, Zoe. I had read only one of the five posts you have shortlisted here earlier. So decided to revisit. I have commented on some even though they are old posts.

    2. Kristine

      Hi Zoe,

      What a challenge choosing 5 posts that represent you. I think you choose well – the death one shows your willingless to confront real issues no matter how difficult a topic it is to face (similarly your refugee posts and your discussion recently about whether or not to edit the politically incorrect as you read aloud), “What Journey led you here” is a good one to show who you are and what interests you. The seashore is a good example of the crafts you do. This is also one I’m still really keen to get around to trying. The other one that immediately springs to mind is the wonderful one with the girls hatching their own dinosaur eggs. The Tickle Duck one is also good for this and I’m glad you included that one as it was one that brought me to your blog. The other one that I thought was worthy of your shortlist was the one about your trip to India.

      Best of luck for the competition. Tell us how we can support your nomination.

    3. Zoe @ Playing by the book

      Kristine, what a kind and generous comment. *Thank you*. It was very hard to choose 5 posts – primarily because of the split between books and crafts – there are crafts/activities which we done which I’m very proud of, but then I didn’t think my review (even if I liked the book) was a particularly well written review – or vice versa, a review I was proud of, but a craft/activity that I didn’t think was that creative. Yes, I too always remember Tickle the duck because it brought us together! I think it’s so lovely that I have a particular post to associate “meeting” you with – I know that I have lots of readers I’ve never exchanged comments with, or even some readers who I do “talk” with but I have no idea how they came across this blog or what it was that started them reading my ramblings.
      I’ll certainly keep you posted on developments with book blogger appreciation week. Really, thank you for your support ๐Ÿ™‚

    4. The1stdaughter

      When you put those other bloggers up there I get a little nervous about this whole process. Eeck! Maw Books? Jen Robinson? Well Read Child? Wow! Not to mention the wonderful sites that are nominated this year, yours included. I’m terrible about always commenting, but I just love your site! I’m not always a very creative person when it comes to crafts with the kids and I just love how well you incorporate them with the books. You’ve definitely been an inspiration to me. Good luck and I’m so happy to be in such good company!

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