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Today Playing by the book is featured in the series “When I was young” over at Danielle’s lovely blog There’s a book. If you head on over there you can find out what language I speak other than Dutch and English, what books I loved as a child and some clues as to what career I could have followed instead of being a book loving stay-at-home mum!

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  1. Kristine

    This was an interesting read – some very intriguing statements. I think we sometimes have to remember that we bloggers are actually real people with other dimensions of our characters that aren’t displayed on our blogs. You can really choose how much and what to share and what not to.

  2. Zoe

    Hi Kristine,

    Yes, I made a decision early on not to talk too much about my own life / beliefs etc (although I know some stuff gets shared of course!) – there are plenty of blogs out there that are more intimate (I hope mine is still personal), and that wasn’t for me. But it was fun choosing some things to share with Danielle – I sound quite exotic I think!

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