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… (other than this blog post 😉 ) make it one of the articles in the latest issue of Paper Tigers, which focuses on children’s literature from India and the Indian diaspora.

Paper Tigers is a tremendously valuable and exciting website which embraces multicultural books in English for young readers. It is full of resources for parents, teachers, readers, librarians – anyone interested in children’s books, especially (but not only) those from the Pacific Rim and South Asia. Every two months a new issue is released on a different topic – and the most recent topic encompasses everything to do with Indian children’s literature.

You might learn something new in this article about Bengali children’s writers, or be tempted by some of the poetry collections reviewed here. I know my girls and I have loved looking at the illustrations from Bhajju Shyam and I’m sure you will too. There’s lots to explore, learn and enjoy!

You shouldn’t miss the Paper Tigers Blog either, and a favourite recent discovery of mine – a monthly calendar of (children’s) literature events around the world.

Now I’m off to find our copy of My Mother’s Sari and re-read it with the girls!

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  1. Zoe @ Playing by the book

    Hi Sam,
    An earlier edition of Paper Tigers was all about kidlit focusing on the indigenous people of Canada – so do check out their resources for that as I think that might be of particular interest to you.

    • Zoe

      Hi Aline,
      It’s always a pleasure to spread good news about lovely things 🙂 Thanks for the direct link to the April issue of PT – very helpful.

  2. Corinne Robson ~Papertigers.org

    Well I see my co-worker Aline beat me in leaving a comment. Thanks again for spreading the word on PaperTigers. Always a pleasure to read your blog too and I know we are all looking forward to your next installment of the Children’s Lit. Tour! I’ll be hard at work this week and next doing the Nov. Calendar of Events. If any of your readers are aware of an upcoming event that they would like to see on the list, feel free to email me.

  3. maggy, red ted art


    This website sounds great. Will head over as soon as I have commented. Love books from around the world, with different cultures, stories and traditions.

    Sounds like a great resource!


  4. Zoe

    Hi Maggy, when you get a chance to look around PT do let me know what you think and what you like best 🙂

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