Perfect Picture Books by Post – what was sent?

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Now here’s a library I’d love to have on my shelves – just look at the wonderful books sent and received as part of the Perfect Picture Books by Post swap …

Heartfelt thanks to everyone who took part. So many beautiful, inspiring books have been shared and small but concrete connections made across the world – what wonderful consequences of the swap!

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  1. JRoberts

    What an incredible list! We had such fun, got an amazing book, and loved picking out our book.

    Thank you for hosting the swap.

  2. Zoe

    Thanks everyone for the lovely comments! I had so much fun with the swap too. But I also realised how VERY hard it is to choose just one book to send!

  3. Airamty

    Thanks so very much for hosting this swap!!! It was really a fun and learning experience! Love all the titles of these books….great selection!

  4. maggy, red ted art

    Wow what a fabulous selection of books! Recognise a number of titles and there are so many more great looking books too! Oh no!!!!!

    Thank you for hosting a GREAT swap!


  5. Fiona

    Thanks so much for organising the swap Zoe. We had a lot of fun both sending and receiving. And that list of books – oh dear – off to Amazon I go!!!

  6. Benita

    Zoe, need to thank you for this absolutely brilliant idea. It was an official reason to go browsing in the middle of a working day. I had so much fun going through heaps of books. When the parcel arrived, the excitement took me back to my childhood when the postman would announce in a booming voice, “Parcel for you!” and out would tumble dolls and books and chocolates and trinkets from aunts who lived in other countries!

  7. Silvia

    Once again a big thank you for such a great exchange. I am enjoying the book I received so much, thank you T for such a great pick and thank you Zoe for contacting so many people from so many places. It’s also great you shared the titles that other families send, some have sparked my curiosity too!

  8. Tammy Flanders

    Hi Zoe.
    This was very fun and I would do it again.
    I haven’t received my book yet and assuming Polly hasn’t received mine, either. Gotta love snail mail, especially from Canada.
    I love this list. There are several I’m not familiar with and intend to investigate further.
    Thanks for all your effort with the swap.

  9. Zoe

    Oh, I wish I could thank each of you over a nice cup of tea or coffee for your lovely comments! I have to say, it is rather nice to see all the books together on this post – such diversity, and all sorts of interesting things.

  10. se7en

    Hi We have been away and got back to see this wonderful list… We sent: Happy Birthday Jamela!!! by Niki Daly… it is on its way across the world but I can’t imagine us getting here anytime soon or them getting theirs anytime soon – the trouble with opposite ends of the earth!!! But I know it will be worth the wait!!! Thanks for the great idea!!!

  11. Zoe

    Hi Se7en, Thanks for letting me know what you sent, I’ve added it to the list and am keeping my fingers crossed that your books (sent and to be received) arrive soon πŸ™‚

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