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I’m taking the next two weeks “off” the blog to spend plenty of time with my family and to prepare a few things for Playing by the book in the new year. However, as I don’t want the blog to fall completely silent I’ll be posting a few links each week to articles and blog posts about books and play from other sites that have really stood out for me in 2010. I have this crazy idea that you might find 5 minutes peace and quiet with a glass of wine or mug of hot chocolate to be transported from the extra busy family life that is such a part of this time of year to find some inspiration, food for thought or even a reason to laugh.

Shirley Hughes is one of the most popular illustrators in our home (although I’ve only reviewed one of her books here on Playing by the book), so earlier this year when I found Shirley Hughes’s top 10 picture book characters in my daily paper The Guardian I was very excited.

I love playing this sort of list game even it it is difficult to choose just 10. I’m sure our list would include the Barbapapas, Who would feature in your list of top 10 picture book characters?

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  1. Rachel

    Definitely Frances of the eponymous series by Russell and Lillian Hoban. Maybe Corduroy, by Don Freeman, George & Martha by James Marshall, maybe Shirley Hughes’s own Alfie! I’ll keep thinking…

    • Zoe

      Oh that’s exciting Rachel – I’ve never heard of George and Martha before, so that’s something new for me to look for and enjoy – thanks!

  2. Rachel

    Let me know what you think. I’m thinking of doing a post on my up-and-coming blog (I have a few posts in the works and just need to get brave enough to launch it.)

    • Zoe

      Be Brave Rachel and go for it!
      Unfortunately our library system doesn’t have any books by this James Marshall so I’ll definitely be interested to hear more about the author and George and Martha from you when your blog goes live!

  3. Susan Stephenson, the Book Chook

    This is such an interesting question because the books that spring to mind aren’t necessarily my top ten picture books. Some of mine may not be designated picture books by purists but I use the name if a book has pictures! I usually resist choosing when asked because it’s so arbitrary, but here goes with some characters who nestle in my heart.

    Wombat in Wombat Divine by Mem Fox and Kerry Argent
    Burglar Bill in Burglar Bill by Janet and Allan Ahlberg
    The baby in The Elephant and the Bad Baby by Vipont and Briggs
    The baby bird in Are You My Mother by Eastman
    Ping in The Story About Ping by Flack and Wiese
    Crusher in Crusher is Coming by Bob Graham
    Hush in Possum Magic by Mem Fox

    • Zoe

      Oh yes Susan – Burglar Bill! A great choice 🙂 I don’t know Crusher is Coming, but Bob Graham is popular in our home (Has anyone here seen William is the favourite) and the book is in the library – hopefully my reservation won’t take too long to come through! The distinction between characters and books as a whole does make the choice a little different, doesn’t it?

  4. sophie

    My 10 favorites would be :
    -Eric Carle obviously
    -kazuo Iwamura
    -Marjane Satrapi
    -Annette Tison of course
    -Joelle Jolivet
    -Gregoire Solotareff
    -Joann Sfar
    -Anne Crausaz
    -Janik Coat

    Thanks again for your blog,
    Have a good Xmas Time !

    • Zoe

      Oh wow Sophie, your list is like an early Christmas present – so many goodies in it! If you’ve the time I’d love it if you could suggest a book by each of the French authors that you think really exemplifies their work, or if they’ve done any wordless books those would be good to know about too. And now Sophie, I’m off to interview Hannamari Ruohonen thanks to the book you sent me for the picture book swap…

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