How could *you* spread the joy which books bring you?

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As a family we don’t really celebrate Valentine’s day and as a blogger I don’t take part in many challenges or events, and yet when I saw Jenna’s plan to celebrate her love of books by hosting an event that spreads the joy they create, I simply couldn’t resist signing up.

Share the Love of Books 2011 is all about finding creative ways to share your love of books with others throughout the month of February. No sickly sweet pink and sparkly cards. No pressure to buy airfreighted roses. Just lots of joy, fun and the opportunity to make others just a little bit happier.

The key idea is to commit to five actions over the next month that are about sharing books one way or the other. Jenna has lots of great ideas such as taking an elderly neighbour to the library, arranging a book lunch at work, taking a friend to explore an independent bookshop or writing a review for a book you love but which is languishing without recommendation on Amazon.

Here’s what I’m pledging to do this February:

  • Go through our picture books and select some to donate to our local charity bookshop.

  • Read a short story to my husband.

  • Help M’s school source Polish themed / translated books for a special Polish day they are holding later in the Spring.

  • Create a keepsake of some sort for my girls using material from this new collection of fabric at Libertys, all designed by children’s book illustrators.

  • Visit an independent bookseller and buy a book from them – this may sound easy but apart from charity bookshops I can’t (currently) think of a single independent bookseller in my entire city.

  • Jenna, and I, would love it if you also felt inspired to share the love of books this month in a couple of ways that you don’t normally do. Go on, sign up for the event, and let’s have some fun!

    Full details can be found at Jenna’s blog One Mystake at a Tyme. I’d love it if you too signed up and shared what you hope to do this month – please use the Mr Linky to link back to this post.

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    1. Kate {The Parchment Girl}

      I like your ideas for sharing your love of books in special ways. I’ve never thought about intentionally sharing my love of books. It always just flowed out of my everyday life. Shopping at the independent bookseller in the summer, holding book giveaways on my blog, giving books for birthdays and Christmas, and sending books to friends and family randomly throughout the year.

    2. Choxbox

      Lovely idea Zoe!

      To answer your question, check this -

      • Zoe

        OH WOW Choxbox! Looking forward to hearing how you get on with that lovely, amazing job!

    3. Zoe

      Hi Kate – thanks so much for commenting! Yes, lots of my sharing is just part of my everyday life too – after all I blog about books, but I thought this would be a fun excuse to do a few things differently and and a few things I’d like to do which I keep saying to myself I haven’t the time for! A little nudge to help me extend myself 🙂

      • Zoe

        So glad you’re joining in Becky! I think we’re going to have some fun with this one!

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