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To celebrate the launch of the 2011 International Postcard Swap for Families I’ve been researching great children’s books, especially picture books, all about letters, mail, post and post offices.

Last year I published a list of 99 such books as a series of Amazon listmania lists:

Click on the links below to take you to the list:

  • Part 1
  • Part 2
  • Part 3
  • Part 4

  • But now here’s another 20 great books to add to the collection:

  • The Jolly Christmas Postman by Janet Ahlberg
  • The Jolly Pocket Postman by Janet Ahlberg
  • A Strange Day by Iris van der Heide
  • Mail by the pail by Colin Bergel
  • Send it! by Don Carter
  • Love, Lizzie by Lisa Tucker McElroy
  • Hi! by Ann Herbert Scott
  • Bear at Work by Stella Blackstone
  • Mailbox Magic by Nancy Poydar
  • Raymond and Nelda by Barbara Bottner
  • Postal Workers by Paulette Bourgeois
  • The Longest Wait by Marie Bradby
  • I’ll make you a card by Dana Meachen Rau
  • Bronco Charlie and the Pony Express by Marlene Targ Brill and Craig Orback
  • For Me? by Harmen van Straaten
  • I miss you every day by Simms Taback
  • Special Deliveries by Alexandra Day
  • Here comes Mr. Eventoff with the mail! by Alice Flanagan
  • Letter Carriers by Alice Flanagan
  • The Giant Postman by Sally Grindley

  • What’s your favourite (children’s) book about post, letters or cards? Have you signed up for the postcard swap yet?

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    1. carly@learningparade

      We are really looking forward to this! What a super idea to list books that link to the project, we love Meerkat Mail and the Jolly Postman. We’ll be requesting some of these titles from our library before we send our postcards. Thanks, Zoe 🙂
      carly@learningparade recently posted..Playing By The Book Postcard Swap

    2. Zoe

      Hi Caroline, yes there’s lots of opportunity for play, learning and reading (which of course can also count as play and learning!) with the swap. Hope you are able to find some of these in the library.

      • Zoe

        Oh yes, Jeanne, Frog and Toad’s letter is brilliant. Don’t know Dear Mr Blueberry – but thanks for the tip, I shall look for a copy.

    3. Eliza

      I love Toot + Puddle by Holly Hobbie – cute little pigs sending postcards from all parts of the world!

      • Zoe

        Thanks for the tip Eliza, don’t know that one, so will definitely look for a copy!

    4. CuriousLibrarian

      I don’t know about “favorite,” but I’m very fond of “The Giant Hug” by Sandra Horning. A quick synopsis: A young pig wants to send a hug through the mail to his grandmother. It gets passed from animal to animal in a chain, brightening the day for each one. When the mail carrier delivers the hug to the grandmother, she wants to send a kiss back to her grandson…

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