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It’s with great pleasure that today I bring you the latest BMB (British Mummy Bloggers) Carnival, or rather what I believe is the first ever Brit Mums Carnival. In keeping with things over here at Playing by the book, the theme for all posts today is “books”.

Do have a good rummage through the posts below; there are reviews, crafts, notes on the process of writing books and more. Hopefully you’ll discover a new blog to enjoy, and maybe even a new book to start reading 🙂

  • Emma Kaufman wrote a book called Cocktails at Naptime – A Woefully Inadequate Guide to Early Motherhood with another blogger (she’s in UK and Emma’s in USA and they have never met) and Emma’s contribution to the carnival is their story of how they got published!

  • Hazel the Hot Cross Mum has just published her ebook ‘Hot Cross Mum – Bitesize Slices of Motherhood’. You can read all about it here.

  • Tim Atkinson of Bringing Up Charlie fame has a book he’s authored available to download on your Kindle – read all about it here!

  • Roxy has written a post, I’m Not a Bleedin’ Sex Therapist!, about the perils of writing from home.

  • Joanne is looking for lots of parents of children aged from a year upwards to contribute experiences and advice for a new book she’s writing all about coping with toddlers. Go read her post to find out how you can contribute!

  • Maggy at RedTedArt is getting a commission from me to decorate our bathroom with a fish frieze like this one she and her son made inspired by the gorgeous Lucy Cousin’s Book Hooray for Fish.

  • Karen Sherr has written a review of Good Books for Tough Times, a new independent guide recommending story books which can help children to cope with difficult feelings or situations, such as bereavement, bullying or family break-up. Sounds like a really interesting book, especially for schools.

  • Please do go over and visit Mrs M’s blog and read about what she’s been reading this month – it’s her first ever submission to a Brit Mums / BMB Carnival so it would be lovely to show her some support 🙂

  • Cheryl from Mad House Family Reviews has contributed her review of Ping and Pong Splash written by Amy Trevaskus, illustrated by Alison Heath to this edition of the Brit Mums’ Carnival.

  • The contribution from Beth at The Sun House can be found here. It’s all about her favourite author and the delight at finally receiving the lastest books from her.

  • Becky at Baby Budgeting has written about her favourite children’s book, The Magic Faraway Tree. She writes, “If there is ever a book I wish I had written it is this one.”

  • Janine at 21st Century Mummy has a review of one of her favourite children’s books (which also happens to be one of our favourites!) – You Choose. As Janine writes, “It’s cleverly illustrated, interactive and lets a child’s imagination run wild.”

  • Over at Making it Up Jax has written all about why she thinks books are important. “Books educate. They amuse. They brighten days and shorten dark nights. They are havens, answers, questions waiting to be asked. Friends to be made, and dragons to be slain. “

  • Elizabeth at Mummy Central warns us to Never underestimate a silent ladybird – a super post about how a book can unlock the unexpected (and I love the idea of Grandma’s Magic Tree…)

  • Isil at Smiling like sunshine has written a lovely piece about the importance of books and reading in her multilingual childhood – I’ve certainly picked up a couple of good book suggestions from her reminiscences!

  • Amber has just started blogging but she’s got a really lovely post about the power of reading books with older children – I love what she’s written! Do go and say hello and support a new blogger just getting going 🙂

  • Rachel at Midlife Singlemum has written a great piece about the importance of bedtime stories and how to encourage the development of an avid reader in your child. She draws on research she did for her MA dissertation on exactly this topic – it’s a super read.

  • Emily at Pants With Names joins the carnival with a review of The Second Baby Survival Guide by Naia Edwards.

  • Lucy from when you ARE that woman has written all about her love of libraries, about how her life could have changed in a moment one day at the library but how she is always happy to go there now. As a fellow lover of libraries I love this post!

  • My contribution to the carnival is an invite to you all to join my International Postcard Swap for Families – send and receive 5 postcards from all over the world, each with a book recommendation!
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    1. se7en

      Oh good grief… I staggered up from a mad long weekend… So tuesday is a belated Monday with lots to catch up and mountains of laundry… and I got stuck here, reading and reading and reading… lovely!!!! Thank for the not so brief interlude!!!

    2. Midlife Singlemum

      I added my link to the linky – I think, but I don’t see it anywhere. Anyway, my post is about the importance of bedtime stories to set your child up for a successful education and life. Thanks
      Midlife Singlemum recently posted..SilentSunday

      • Zoe

        Hi Midlife Singlemum, I’ve visited your blog but can’t find the post – perhaps you could email me the link seeing as Mr Linky hasn’t worked and then I’ll add your post to the carnival.

    3. Pants With Names

      Hi Zoe – lots of great posts here, I’m looking forward to reading a few.

      I emailed you a link for a review I did of a book about the arrival of a second child. I found my second child incredibly difficult and really struggled for quite a while so although it is a book review it is also quite a personal post. Hope it is suitable for inclusion in the first Brit Mums carnival!


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