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Books4Learning recently gave me a Versatile Blogger Award. Thankyou Books4Learning!

Rules of the Award

  • Thank the person who gave you the award.
  • Tell us seven things about yourself.
  • Award fifteen recently discovered bloggers.
  • Contact the blogs to let them know they received the award.

  • So here are my seven snippets:

  • The next novel I’m going to read is Louise Erdrich’s Love Medicine
  • The book at the top of my wishlist hoping to move into the basket next time round: The House by J. Patrick Lewis, illustrated by Roberto Innocenti
  • I speak Hungarian. The Book of Fathers is a great Hungarian novel if you want to read something in translation. Ervin Lázár wrote great children’s books but none have been translated.
  • I would love to translate into English Vos en Haas by Sylvia vanden Heede and Krik by Hanna Kraan. Brilliant Dutch children’s literature that deserves a global readership!
  • The most expensive books in our house are probably this one and this one (the former I bought my husband as a birthday present, the latter I received for review in a previous life).
  • I’d love to own this set of books (even in this day and age)…
  • I want to learn to play the accordion. And one day I will!

  • Awards don’t rock everyone’s boat the same way, but it does seem to me a great way to highlight some blogs I love and think you might enjoy too. I hope you find some new great reading amongst my suggestions.

  • Book by its cover
  • Delightful Children’s Books
  • Even in Australia
  • Bookie Woogie
  • The Tea Box
  • Read Aloud Dad
  • Picturebooks in ELT

  • Have you got a blog you can recommend to me today so that I too can find a new delight?

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    1. Z-Dad

      It was fun to learn some snippets about you! And thanks for the Bookie Woogie shout out 🙂

    2. sophie

      louise erdrich is a very good choice ! She is one of my favourite writer. Love medecine is a very very good novel.
      It’s great you speak hungarian, it’s so mysterious langage ! Is it a family langage or did you study it at the university ??

      • Zoe

        Hi Sophie – sorry I didn’t email you about Tibois – I hope you saw the post. I’ve just been so busy busy busy. Anyway, good to hear you recommend Erdrich too! Yes, Hungarian – I studied it at university. Not a family language in any way, just had a best friend at school who was Hungarian, went there to work before I started university and then fell in love with the language.

    3. sophie

      I saw your post 🙂 I love the inauguration picture. they look so serious ! I was very pleased to see them, the museum and the catalog !
      We intend to do one with my niece and armel and when it’s done, you will have the pictures.

      My opinion about reading in a foreign langage is that if you can read hungarian, you can read almost everything, no ? so here is a “bande dessinée” cooking blog. the recipes are good also….yummy…The author and his friend are children book and magazine illustrator
      (and his friend:


      Thank you very much for the reply.

      Probably, the children of any country should read the following Indian Fables which are more knowledge imparting and at the same time laughable stories.

      a. Panchathanthra Tales.
      b. Story of Tenal Rama,
      c. Stories of Birbal

      I would like to know whether the children of the countries aware of these stories.

      With best wishes,


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