The day of reckoning…

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So here they our, our 4 sunflowers we grew as part of the Nurture Store’s Sunflower Challenge in aid of Compton Hospice.

Our tallest comes in at 199cm and is still some way off blooming. It may have a bud – I can’t tell from down below!

What with relatives visiting and a very busy time at school we haven’t been able to read and craft anything new for today’s post, but we will be getting out all our old sunflower books, those that I reviewed for Cathy at Nurture Store, and sitting in the shade of our sunflower this afternoon to enjoy them all again.

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  1. Zoe

    Thanks Cathy and Maggy. Actually it’s quite short compared to some others in our garden – but they are different varieties (“Mongolian Giant”) and not part of the challenge. I must count how many we have – about 50 I think. The jungle is vast….

  2. Zoe

    Thanks Tim and Melitsa.

    We were really lucky with slugs this year – one small benefit of it being so dry so far this year is that we haven’t had many slugs.

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