Forget books today, some children need water

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Today a group of UK aid agencies has launched a joint fund-raising appeal to help more than 10 million people affected by severe drought in East Africa.

The drought is the worst in East Africa for 60 years and the UN described it as a “humanitarian emergency”.

The DEC East Africa Crisis Appeal will support the work of their members (including Save the Children, The Red Cross, Christian Aid and Islamic Relief) in affected areas of Kenya, Ethiopia, Somalia and South Sudan

This morning I read Christine Mosler’s post about what you and I can do to help. I then donated the cost of a book to the DEC. You could do the same.

If you’re not in the UK you could donate to your local Save the Children organization or other charity working in East Africa.

I’ve compiled a list of picture books based in the countries affected, picture books about droughts (all around the world) and also included a picture book about what life can be like in a refugee camp. If you can’t donate to the DEC, you could try to get hold of one of these books and read it with your children, or you could display them in the library or bookshop where you work.


First come the zebra by Lynne Barasch
Mama Panya’s pancakes by Mary Chamberlin
Lila and the secret of rain by David Conway
For you are a Kenyan child by Kelly Cunnane
On a road in Africa by Kim Doner
A Kenya Chrstmas by Tony Johnston
The Orphan boy by Tololwa M. Mollel
Rhinos for lunch and elephants for supper by Tololwa M. Mollel
Planting the trees of Kenya by Claire A Nivola
Fuhara means happy by Ken Wilson-Max
Wangari’s trees of peace by Jeanette Winter
Mama Miti: Wangari Maathai and the Trees of Kenya by Donna Jo Napoli and Kadir Nelson (our review is here)


The Lion’s Whiskers by Nancy Raines Day
The best beekeeper of Lalibela by Cristina Kessler
Faraway home by Jane Kurtz
Day of delight by Maxine Rose Schur


The Lion’s share / Qayb Libaax by Said Salah Ahmed
Mr friend Jamal by Anna McQuinn


What’s so funny , Ketu? by Verna Aardema
My great-grandmother’s gourd by Cristina Kessler


Bringing the rain to Kapiti Plain by Verna Aardema
Drylongso by Virgina Hamilton
Bluebonnet girl by Michael Lind
Bravo, Tavo! by Brian Meunier
Don’t forget Winona by Jeanne Whitehouse Peterson
The apple-pip princess by Jane Ray

Life in a refugee camp

Four Feet, Two Sandals by Karen Lynn Williams and Khadra Mohammed, illustrated by Doug Chayka (my review of this book is here)

If you can’t donate and can’t get hold of any of these books, at least please spread the word about the appeal for funds. As Christine wrote, “Use your voice. From little acorns, big trees grow.

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