Free activity sheets from Jan Brett, Tom Lichtenheld and Rosemary Wells

Today’s contribution to my series on free activity sheets from children’s authors and illustrators has an American feel to it, with fun from Jan Brett, Tom Lichtenheld and Rosemary Wells.

Jan Brett‘s books are known and loved for their colourful and detailed illustrations often inspired by particular cultures from around the world. Her best-known titles include The Hat, The Mitten, and Gingerbread Baby. Here on Playing by the book I’ve reviewed two of her books: Christmas Trolls and Daisy Comes Home.

Jan Brett's website

Jan Brett has one of the most extensive set of colouring and activity pages I’ve ever seen on an author/illustrator website. There are well over 200 activities to try on this page alone! If you prefer to find printable sheets by topic/book this is the page for you. There are also many video tutorials showing you how to draw different characters and animals from Jan Brett’s books.

Poster created by Tom Lichtenheld
Tom Lichtenheld is a newer illustrator, but who has already illustrated two books that have made the New York Times Bestseller Lists: Duck! Rabbit! and Shark vs. Train.

On Tom’s website you can download activity packs for each of his books (though many contain ideas that would work even if you don’t know the actual books in question). As it says on the page in question, “These activity guides were written by a real teacher, so they’re silly and educational.”

Rosemary Wells is probably best know for her Max and Ruby stories about a brother and sister pair of bunnies. That said, one of her books that we’ve really enjoyed is Yoko Writes Her Name, a lovely book for families raising their kids bilingually.

There are hats, cupcake toppers, flags and more to print and decorate all available on the author’s website. There’s also a whole bunch of colouring-in pages and a guide to making “Bunny Money”!

Thanks to Janelle at Brimful Curiosities for alerting me to Tom Lichtenheld‘s and Rosemary Wells ‘ activity sheets.

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  1. Jen

    What a great find! Yoko Writes Her Name is one of our bilingual (Japanese/English) family’s favourite books! I’ve never heard of Max and Ruby (yes, I live under a rock) until now but that looks fab, thanks!

  2. Zoe

    That’s great Jen – a whole new little world opening up then as there are loads of Max and Ruby books (and animations).

  3. Janelle

    I’m enjoying your free activity sheets series. Amazing all the corresponding content that can be found online.

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