A love letter to Steve Cole

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Dear Steve,

I watched you from afar just over a week ago. You made me smile and laugh. In fact, you were quite a revelation.

I was just one in a crowd, a crowd made up of parents with kids. You were being heckled and even manhandled by a crowd of enthusiastic 7/8/9 year olds. And you were brilliant. You took it all in your stride and still kept making everyone giggle.

Later Mini grabbed me and introduced you to us. I was a little flustered, taken aback. What to say to you? We hadn’t read any of your books (although I did have one on my shelves thinking at some point it might be just the ticket for M, my eldest daughter), you hadn’t been on my radar particularly, and yet after seeing you up on stage, without even having read a word of your books I was already feeling evangelical about you.

M chatted to you a little and we went our separate ways. That was it.

But once home, M asked for the Astrosaurs book I had on the shelves. It turns out she had spotted it some time ago and now, well now it was the Right Time. I handed it to her and….

M disappeared. She stayed in her room, in her pyjamas until mid morning, reading, reading and reading some more.

She’s been learning to read for about a year now but here she was devouring her first ever chapter book on her own. She just couldn’t get enough of it. She wouldn’t be disturbed. She didn’t eat her breakfast. She didn’t go to the toilet, She was the quietest I’ve ever known her in her 6 lovely years.

And then she emerged from her room. Triumphant! “Mum, mum! I read the WHOLE book! The WHOLE book with my EYES!”

A momentous, cherished occasion. The day M read her first chapter book all by herself.

Wanting to support M however I could I cycled through the rain to the library with fingers crossed that they would have more Astrosaurs books. I returned home soaking, but excited…Yes! My bag contained two more of your books and I handed them over like pieces of gold to M.

And Puff! She had disappeared again. Still in her pyjamas (it was mid afternoon by now) she read. And Read. She wouldn’t stop. I don’t think she could stop. Supper time came and went. Bath time came and washing was only negotiated by the promise that she could stay up afterwards to finish the third and final Astrosaurs book of the day.

About 12 and a half hours after starting her first ever chapter book, about 350 pages later she stretched and beamed, “Mum, I love these Astrosaurs books.”

And so Steve, it turns out that I am a little bit in love with you (I’m sure my brilliant husband understands). You captured my daughter’s imagination. You transported her, you inspired her, you gave her her first experience of really falling head of heels for a book. For you she spent the whole day immersed in words and stories, delight and excitement and I am so grateful to you for giving her that experience.

Perhaps one day we’ll meet again. If we do, I suspect you might be the one who’ll be flustered – I’ll be bound to give you a big bear hug and a kiss to say thank you. Thank you for empowering my daughter, giving her the knowledge and experience of the brilliance, delight, all consuming wonder that books can bring. That’s a treasure beyond words.

With Love,


Steve Cole’s website is here.

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  1. Isil

    How beautiful it is that she LOVES reading,a gift you have been trying to give her.
    These books are new to me. I must buy a few and put on the shelves πŸ˜‰

  2. Zoe

    Thanks Isil and Choxbox. I guest it’s also a love letter to M – she’s amazing and I do hope I can do everything possible to support her in becoming a life long reader πŸ™‚

  3. Library Mice

    Steve Cole rocks. When me and my son met him at the RHCBA ceremony last year he was so kind to my son, who is a fan. He was at FCBG conference this year, and was very funny! I think some of the adults present may have thought he was a bit “out there”, but it is enthusiasm like this which really ticks with kids! Peole like Steve and Andy Stanton make kids want to read!

  4. Zoe

    Doesn#t he just Library Mice? πŸ™‚ Hi enthusiasm was utterly infectious – any school that gets a visit from him is very lucky indeed!

  5. Susan Stephenson, the Book Chook

    Oh Zoe, I had goosebumps reading this, and had to suppress a tear, silly old chook that I am!. It’s such a wonderful, wonderful time for M. And I love that shout of triumph – ” I read it with my eyes!”

    I still love reading. I can still remember the books that began it all. I truly am so grateful every day for the gift of reading.

  6. Zoe

    Hi Susan, thankyou. Thank you. Saturday was definitely a day I’ll remember for a long time!

  7. Ali B

    Oh Zoe, you just made me cry! That moment is so magical in a child’s life, when they encounter the book that makes them a reader. All power to Steve Cole! and what joy for your girl, with a lifetime of books ahead of her!

  8. Becky from babybudgeting

    Steve Coles books are a firm favourite with my son Frankie he has many and simply devours each new one. How absolutely wonderful! (Mind you as an adult I thought they were absolutely crackers!)

  9. Steve Cole

    Dear Zoe,
    What a privilege to have played a part in this special moment. Thank you so much for letting me know in so eloquent a fashion! I couldn’t be happier – please pass on my congratulations to M!

    • Zoe

      Thank you thankyou Steve! Saturday was such a special day and I’m so very grateful to you for making it happen. I do hope I get to thank you in person one day. M has been playing at being Teggs all day, she hasn’t stopped telling me about her adventures in the Sauropod πŸ™‚

  10. Zoe

    Aah Even in Australia, sorry for the tears. It will happen in your home one day soon I’m sure. I certainly wasn’t expecting it right now – but it was worth all the waiting for in the world!

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