Book reviews by 6 year olds in the local bookshop

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As part of the celebrations for Children’s Book Week at M and J’s school, all Year 2 children (aged 6-7) wrote a short book review for display in our local bookshop, Waterstones. The idea behind this was to encourage them to visit a book shop, to talk about their favourite books, and to give them a “real life” writing opportunity. Here’s what some of their reviews looked like:

This is M’s book review: “My favourite book is the blak book of colas because it is about colas and a blinde chiled” (To find out more about The Black Book of Colours you can read this post on Playing by the book)

Here’s part of the display with reviews and books in the bookshop:

I really hope this experience will encourage the families of the reviewers to visit the bookshop and talk about books together, as well as generating a little bit of pride and excitement amongst the six year olds!

I also have to commend the staff at Waterstones for being so open to the idea of having book reviews from the children and taking the whole idea on board with such enthusiasm. It’s been a pleasure to work with them.

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  1. Even in Australia

    I love this idea! I will show this post to MY six-year-old. I also love that the reviewer could not spell colors or child but spelled because correctly! Things like that always make me wonder about how we learn language.

  2. Library Mice

    Fab, and good on Waterstone’s. They suffer quite a lot from bad press for being a “chain” rather than a “local bookshop”. It is nice to see that it is not always the case and that they do support their community!

  3. Zoe

    Absolutely Library Mice! I get the impression that this was at least partly possible because of changes brought in by james daunt – he’s made it possible for local branches to do things more relevant for their communities.

  4. Ellen (We Read it Like This)

    Fantastic idea! We have a bookshop near us in Madrid that does (used to do? -must find out-) something similar, but it was actually a competition, the prize being books. There were three different age categories and some of the resulting reviews were absolutely fabulous. I love the school-bookshop alliance angle.

  5. Zoe

    Thanks Ellen, I like the sound of the competition, although I also was really pleased that the way we did it got two whole classes writing something – I suspect for a competition lots of them wouldn’t have bothered entering.

  6. Zoe

    Hi Choxbox, this one was so simple – I’m sure you could try it with your local bookshop and school. It’s a winner for everyone as the bookshop gets some extra custom and the school gets some kudos/publicity and the kids get to think about/read books they love.

  7. Lucy

    Woah, freaky. Great minds think alike. I’ve set the very same group in my Waterstones branch kids section. We chose a seasonal halloween display and it’s been great fun. Complete with ghosts and brooms for the children to whizz about on.
    It’s nice to read reviews from the people whom the books are for 🙂

  8. emma

    Love this idea – it’s inspired!! The kids could even set this up at home, playing a ‘pretend’ game of bookshops.

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