Free crafty activities from Sarah McIntyre and Neill Cameron

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Need a few quiet minutes today to finish wrapping up presents? Why not print off some of today’s highlighted activity sheets from children’s illustrators and give them to the kids to enjoy?

Sarah McIntyre has created some gorgeously funny books! Favourites in our home are Vern and Lettuce, cartoon strips featuring a sheep and a rabbit, and You Can’t Eat a Princess. And so it is that today I’ll be giving M and J this guide on how to draw Vern and Lettuce, the instructions for how to make Princess Spaghetti’s tiara, and also introducing them to another of Sarah’s books, Morris the Mankiest Monster, by giving them Sarah’s guide to making your own monster.

Screenshot from Sarah's website (click to be taken there!)

If your kids are a bit older they might really enjoy Neill Cameron’s work – he’s provided artwork for Doctor Who, Transformers and Marvel Heroes, as well as having written his own graphic novel series Mo-Bot High, and illustrating a weekly strip in the brilliant Phoenix Comic.

Neill has a worksheet guide to giant robot design for beginners, and templates for creating your own cardboard robots – I think the latter might be perfect for Boxing Day, having opened all the presents and found yourself with lots of lovely cardboard waiting to turn into something exciting!

Screeshot from Neill's website (click to be taken there!)

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  1. Clara

    Great choices! These two illustrators have such a lot of entertaining ideas, I might just be doing them myself and send the kids away to peel the potatoes…

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