Free crafty activities from The Gruffalo and Harper Collins

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For my last selection of free activity sheets from children’s authors and illustrators I bring you a modern childhood classic – The Gruffalo.

The Gruffalo website has all sorts of games and activities to keep little hands and minds busy. There are domino sets to make, treasure hunts to complete and word searches to puzzles over. There are online games to play and song clips to listen to and learn.

Harper Collins have an extensive list of activity sheets to go with the books they publish. There’s a Charlotte’s web word search, how to hold a Not a Box party, and a Fancy Nancy solar system mobile amongst others. Many of the titles (and activity sheets) will be more familiar to American readers.

Thanks to Damyanti Patel for alerting me to Harper Collins activity pages.

  1. Alice

    The gruffalo musical game went down very well here, thank you. Tune is very catchy though, its still going around in my head!

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