Kidlit radio and news #1

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This week’s bookish radio delights to listen out for include:

  • Herge’s The Adventures of Tintin / The Red Sea Sharks, part 2 BBC Radio 4 Extra Sunday 8th January 9.00 and 16.00

  • 2nd episode of dramatisation of The Jungle Book BBC Radio 4 Extra Sunday 8th January 9.30 and 16.30

  • E Nesbit’s The Story of the Amulet BBC Radio 4 Extra Sunday 8th January 13.30

  • Book of the Week – Stop What You’re Doing And Read This! Every day Monday 9th – Friday 13th January 9.45. (also at 00.30 every following day). “Passionate, funny, revelatory and inspiring, this series is a mission statement about the transformative power of reading; about the way it inspires us, the tangible impact it can have on our well-being and the importance it holds for us now and will continue to hold in the future.”

  • Steven Spielberg in conversation about his version of Michael Morpurgo’s book War Horse. Front Row, Monday 9th January 19.15

  • Word of Mouth, Tuesday 10th January 16.00 “Michael Rosen listens to traditional folk stories from other countries, including Uganda, Trinidad, Turkey, India, Poland and Pakistan, told by people from those cultures who are carrying them on for the next generation. He finds out how a pioneering translation project in primary schools is getting children interested in stories from all around the world.”

  • Some of my favourite kidlit newspaper articles from the past week:

  • Michael Rosen: my father’s Great Expectations
    “As a boy, Michael Rosen used to sit spellbound on holiday while his father read from Dickens and brought Pip, Miss Havisham and Magwitch vividly to life. Fifty years on, the tale still resonates as it merges with his own family’s journey out of poverty in London’s East End”
    This essay is an edited version of Rosen’s contribution Stop What You’re Doing And Read This!, Book of the Week on Radio 4 this coming week (see above).

  • Children’s Book Envoy Defines His Mission
    The appointment of Walter Dean Myers as the US’s new Ambassador for young people’s literature

  • Have you heard or read anything particularly good about children’s literature this last week?

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    1. Ali B

      Loads of lovely listening ahead! I listen to NPR podcasts a lot on the way to work. Their All Things Considered show has started a monthly children’s book club (it’s in the NPR Books podcast which you can subscribe to through the usual places, or listen on the website). December’s was Annie Ursu’s Breadcrumbs, which I can’t wait to read! MOre info here:
      Ali B recently posted..Young bookworms

      • Zoe

        Thanks Ali, it’s great that these are available to download as well as to listen online

    2. Beth Stilborn

      Thanks for visiting my blog, Zoe — especially since it led me to yours!

      I bless the day I discovered I could listen to BBC Radio via the internet. I will set my iCal on my laptop to ensure I don’t miss “Stop Everything and Read This” — I love the sound of that. I also recommend NPR radio (which I also listen to via the internet).

      Thank you for such wonderful resources, Zoe. I’ll be adding you to my blogroll, and looking forward to future posts.
      Beth Stilborn recently posted..Outside, Inside, and All Around the Box

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