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Back in February, I was very touched when Shala at Caterpickles gave me the 7×7 Award.

Thank you, Shala! For those of you who don’t know Caterpickles, it’s a lovely blog about finding answers to tricky questions posed by one curious kid, all with the help of some fabulous books. And the blog is as good as it sounds, so I do hope you’ll check it out 🙂

To accept my 7Ă—7 Link Award, I have to indulge in one moment of personal sharing, seven bits of narcissism, and seven acts of paying it forward, so here goes:

One Moment of Sharing

I have a particular fondness for art created through the process of print making, whether that’s wood block printing, intaglio or screen printing. My very favourite print I own is this one, by the Russian artist Ivanov.

Seven Bit of Narcissism
Here are seven posts from Playing by the book which I particularly enjoyed writing, and hope you’ll enjoy (re)discovering:

  • When is a sofa not a sofa?
  • Crashing into the New Year
  • Buckets of imagination
  • The ability of stories to transport us
  • When is it ok to teach your kids to kill animals?
  • Do! Read! Enjoy! Fall in Love!
  • Some books were harmed in the making of this post

  • Seven Acts of Paying it Forward
    Here are seven bloggers to whom I’d like to give the 7Ă—7 Link Award. These are all blogs I enjoy reading and am confident you will too!

  • Katie Viggers, who blogs at Books I Like, who you’ll find on Twitter as @katieviggers

  • Tintin, Johnny Boo and their Mum, who blog at LitLad, who you’ll find on Twitter as @LitLass

  • Tom at Building a Library, who you’ll find on Twitter as @buildalibrary

  • Duncan, who blogs at Literature for Lads, who you’ll find on Twitter as @loveliterature

  • Keris, Vicky and Liz at Picture Book Shelf, who you’ll find on Twitter as @keris, @Rhiana_reads and @LizUK

  • Yvonne at Babbleabout, who you’ll find on Twitter as @babbleabout

  • Barbara at March House Books Blog, who you’ll find on Twitter as @marchhousebooks

  • To accept your 7Ă—7 Link Award:

    •Thank who nominated you and include a link
    •List something others don’t know about you
    •Choose seven links on your blog that you think are worthy
    •Nominate 7 bloggers who have not received the award and include links
    •Notify the bloggers you have nominated

    I know not everyone likes receiving awards as they can sometimes have the tyranny of a chain letter, so don’t feel obliged to do anything with the award. I simply wanted to use it today to give a shout out to some great blogs and bloggers, all of whom I appreciate.

    I’m without any internet connection at the moment (this was a scheduled post), so please, if you leave a comment, know that I am grateful and will reply as soon as I can be online again! As soon as I’m online again, I will contact those of you I’ve mentioned in the post today to personally tell you how great I think your blogs are!

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    1. Zoe

      Thanks Elli and Stacey 🙂 It’s always fun to discover new blogs fulled of bookish goodness to enjoy.
      Zoe recently posted..(7 x 7) + 1

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