How and why I play by the book PLUS a winner!

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Earlier this week I wrote a post all about how and why I “play by the book”. You can find the post, and learn more about why I try to enrich our reading with playing, and where I get my ideas from here, over at the Book Chook’s blog. Susan, a.k.a. the Book Chook, writes brilliantly about all things to do with literacy; not just book reviews, but also resources and ideas. Her blog is brilliant, and I’m honoured to be writing over there.

Also the giveaway of Rapido’s Next Stop closed this morning. I’m delighted to announce that Mammozza won the copy. Mammozza, please look out for an email from me! Thanks to the publishers for enabling the giveaway, and to everyone who took part in this giveaway. If you haven’t entered my giveawy for a bundle of books worth over £90 there is still time to do so.

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  1. Zoe

    Thanks you Susan 🙂 Hope you had a really wonderful break and adventure -it was a pleasure to be able to help out.

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