How you, my blog readers, changed lives in Zambia with books

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Back in March you did something wonderful. You helped me to raise nearly £600 for Book Aid International when you tried to guess the number of books in my home at that moment in time. Just 6 months later I can now tell you how your donations have made a huge difference to these very children:

ZOCS children and Billy Kadondwe, the teacher responsible for looking after their library

These kids are enrolled in Chilambila Community School, 60km from Lusaka, in Zambia. Chilambila Community School, built and supported by Zambian Open Community Schools (ZOCS) provides vital access to education in an area that lacks any government provision specifically targeting orphaned and vulnerable children.

In 2009, Book Aid International started providing support to develop a school library which is now equipped with furniture and a great range of reading material suitable for all levels of reader, and it’s this library which recently received a new batch of books funded, in part, by your generosity.

Pupils working in the library at Chilambila Community School

Book Aid‘s Programme Development Librarian, Judith Henderson, recently visited Chilambila Community School and met with Billy Kadondwe, the teacher responsible for looking after the library. He introduced Judith to some young library members who were excited to tell us about their favourite books: for Betha, Charlotte’s Web was her favourite, Miriam was drawn to the books that contained cartoons, and Elvis’s favourite books were those that taught him about the environment.

Harriet Sianjibu Miyato, Programme Coordinator for ZOCS said “With the help of Book Aid International, ZOCS has helped to provide books and teaching materials to numerous schools to help lower the very high pupil-book ratio. This has helped to improve reading culture and ultimately increased the pass rate for children in all grades.

Chilambila Community School

So thank YOU for believing Books Change Lives. Thanks also go to the wonderful illustrators Katie Cleminson who provided a gorgeous original illustration, and Chris Haughton who provided signed prints as part of my fundraising project.

If seeing how your donations make a real difference has inspired you, you can donate to Book Aid via my Just Giving page here.

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