Looking for kids’ books about maths and science?

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Then now’s a great time to start following on of my favourite children’s book reviews’ blogs: Saffron Tree.

They’ve just announced their annual festival, CROCUS, and the theme this year is Maths and Science.

I’m looking forward to discovering lots of new-to-me books over the five days of the festival, at the end of October. Hope I see you there!

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    • Zoe

      Hi Amanda, Saffron Tree is based in India so I often discover things I wouldn’t have known about otherwise, and it’s a really rich blog because it’s got lots of contributors who all bring their own knowledge and passions to bear on children’s literature. So definitely worth checking out!

  1. Deb

    Thanks, I’ll be watching. I recently tried to get some non-fiction books for my daughter and the selection was dismal. I was told that most kids look at the internet, but even as a devoted webophile I question how true or useful that is.
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