Don’t forget to tell us how you celebrate International Book Giving Day, Feb 14th

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international-book-giving-day-400px-wideI hope lots of you are getting ready to celebrate International Book Giving Day on February 14th 🙂 If you do decide to give a book, even if it’s just one, please do let us know what you did, and how you enjoyed the day.

We invite those of you with blogs to share stories of how you celebrate International Book Giving Day via our International Book Giving Day blog hop!

One of the things that makes International Book Giving Day special is connecting with others from around the world who are giving books to kids! This blog hop offers one way for people from around the world to connect and share stories of how they celebrated International Book Giving Day.

To participate:

1. Write a post describing how you celebrated International Book Giving Day! A short and sweet post (e.g. a photo of you or your child leaving a book in a waiting room) would be great – just write and share whatever and however you like.

2. On February 21st or shortly after, add a link to your post to our blog hop at any of our host blogs:

My Book Corner (Australia)
Playing by the Book (U.K.)
Mommy Labs (India)
Gathering Books (Singapore)
Try Curiosity (Hungary)
sharpread (U.S.)
My Best Friends Are Books (New Zealand)
Jojoebi Designs (Japan)
Kids Indoors (Brazil)
se7en (South Africa)
Asia in the Heart (Philippines)
Delightful Children’s Books (U.S.)

The entire collection of links to stories about how people celebrated International Book Giving Day will be available at each of these blogs. The blog hop will remain live through March 21st.

For those of you without blogs:

We invite you to share photos via Instagram or Twitter by adding the tag #giveabook. You are also invited to email photos to amy dot broadmoore at gmail dot com, and we will share them here at International Book Giving Day’s website.

You can see how others around the world are celebrating International Book Giving Day by 1. following Instagram photos and tweets tagged #giveabook, 2. looking at the photos and stories that we share here at International Book Giving Day’s website, and 3. reading stories shared by bloggers as part of the International Book Giving Day blog hop.

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