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Welcome to “I’m looking for a book about….”, the topic-themed monthly carnival of children’s literature.

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This month’s theme is…


This is such an important issue for children and their grown-ups. Just this week an online buddy of mine has written very movingly about how her child has been bullied, raising the question of what we can do about it and how we can support the children involved. She recommended watching and sharing this video:

It’s a great video, but me being me, I also want to promote books as a way in to talking about the difficult issue of bullying so I’m really hoping that this month we’ll be able to bring together lots of great suggestions for children of all ages.

So if you’ve a book recommendation that deals with issues which arise from bullying please do add them via the linky below, or leave their details in the comments if you don’t have a review to link to. Please note, because I’m leading the local school’s library launch tomorrow, I won’t be able to add links in the body of this blog post this month; please leave as much detail as you wish on the inLinkz title or in the comments so that fellow readers can easily find out what book(s) you are recommending.

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  1. sandhya

    A has been facing a lot of bullying at the hands of her peers, and I desperately needed a book that addressed how to handle this without getting confrontational herself. Of course, we spoke to her at length about this, but a book is a book is a book, and we always turn to them whenever possible. Here is a wonderful book that I found, and it comes with a companion journal. It was, needless to say, extremely helpful. For children 8+ years old.
    sandhya recently posted..Of gendered tales

  2. sandhya

    Also, as I have said in my review: “Even though I place it at 8+, younger children can benefit from it too- as more and more, these things happen at a younger age in today’s world.”
    sandhya recently posted..Of gendered tales

  3. Swapna

    “Jody and the Biscuit Bully”, which is part of the Happy Kids series, is a nice book that touches upon this subject.

  4. Iona Burchell

    I’ve included My Huge Bag of Worries and whilst it’s not specifically about bullying it focusses on talking about what’s bothering you and the importance of not keeping things to yourself. I think these are both pertinent points in terms of bullying. Thanks for highlighting this.
    Iona Burchell recently posted..A call to my book blogging friends

  5. LC Scott

    Janet Eoff Berend’s Vertical is a novel about bullying that teens can relate to. Josh’s childhood friendship with Brendon changes as the guys enter high school and their passion for skateboarding grows. The author, a high school English teacher, captures the authentic voices of real teens as the characters struggle with moral dilemmas while skating gnarly ramps. Endorsed by competitive skateboarders, this book will appeal to the reluctant male readers who fantasize about skating vert.

  6. Amanda Niland

    Amazing how many books for children there are about bullying! I guess it shows how big and distressing problem it is. I agree with Iona, that finding books encouraging children to speak up about what is worrying them, so looking at broader issues, is important.
    I notice that quite a lot of picture books about bullying written for very young children use animal characters rather than children. I think we should pay children the respect of using human characters to explore human problems. Young children are often much more capable of dealing with complex emotional issues than we give them credit for.
    Thanks to everyone for the wide range of books about bullying
    Amanda Niland recently posted..Comfy corners for readings

  7. Stacy

    “What if I Was Bigger Than a Bully?” is a great book about bullying.

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