How was it for you? Sharing our experiences of International Book Giving Day 2013

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international-book-giving-day-200px-wide-copy-2Last week, February 14th, was International Book Giving Day, a grass roots initiative. established by Amy of Delightful Children’s Books, dedicated to getting new, used and borrowed books into the hands of as many children as possible.

Today I’d like to invite those of you with blogs to share stories of how you celebrated International Book Giving Day via our special blog hop! Those of you who don’t blog, please feel free to share what you did on the day via the comments below or via Instagram or Twitter by adding the tag #giveabook. You are also invited to email photos to amy dot broadmoore at gmail dot com, and we will share them here at International Book Giving Day’s website.

If you’ve a blog, post about International Book Giving Day to share, all you need to do is use the linky (the blue button, “Add your link”) below to input the URL of your blog post about what you did for International Book Giving Day.

The following blogs are taking part in the hop, and you can submit your linky at any one of these blogs, and it will show up on all the blogs (comments will only show up on the blog where you leave them).

My Book Corner (Australia)
Playing by the Book (U.K.)
Mommy Labs (India)
Gathering Books (Singapore)
Try Curiosity (Hungary)
sharpread (U.S.)
My Best Friends Are Books (New Zealand)
Jojoebi Designs (Japan)
Kids Indoors (Brazil)
Toddler Approved (U.S.)
se7en (South Africa)
Asia in the Heart (Philippines)
Delightful Children’s Books (U.S.)

You can see how others around the world are celebrating International Book Giving Day by 1. following Instagram photos and tweets tagged #giveabook, 2. looking at the photos and stories that we share on the International Book Giving Day’s website, and 3. reading stories shared by bloggers as part of the International Book Giving Day blog hop.

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  1. Elli

    I bought a couple of books from our wonderful local bookshop and donated them to Child4’s nursery. The nursery, run by the local council and located on the local council estate, is an absolute beacon when it comes to fostering a love of books among children; there’s a stack of picture books in the reception area for parents/carers to read to the children before the doors open, there are boxes of books everywhere in the nursery itself, and they have a library day every Wednesday when the children each take two books home. The intake of the nursery is very mixed, both racially and socially, with many of the children coming from very deprived backgrounds, and a large number having English as a second language. In some ways I suppose the nursery didn’t need books as much as some organisations might as they have so many already, but most of the books they have are quite old, and I wanted to give them some new books in recognition of the wonderful work they do. I also donated a couple of books to the fantastic nursery library being set up by Carmen Haselup over at Rhino Reads
    Elli recently posted..Eating Up and Eating Down

  2. Kai


    Can we put the International Book-Giving Day image (cat with book) on our blogs/websites to mark the occasion?



  3. AJ Loft

    This was my first time participating and I happily gave away copies of my book, Adventures in Raceland, to any child interested at my two boys’ schools.

    It was a blessing to be able to share books with those kids!

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