Interviews with Adele Geras and many others!

Later this month I’m off to a wonderful conference specially for grown ups who are fans of children’s literature, the Federation of Children’s Book Groups’ Annual Conference.

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By way of preparation, I’ve been interviewing many of the authors and illustrators who will be speaking at the conference, and you can read my interviews over at the Federation of Children’s Book Groups’ blog.

Here’s the link to my interview with Laura Dockrill.

Here’s the link to the post Mary Hooper wrote in response to me asking her about the books which have influenced her most over the years.

Here’s my crazy questioning of Jonathan Meres.

Here’s my interview with Elen Caldecott.

Here’s my interview with Gill Lewis.

And today you’ll find me interviewing Adele Geras

Next week I’ll be interviewing Conrad Mason, Harriet Castor, Emma Chichester Clark and even more…

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