Winners of the International Edible Book Festival!

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It is with great excitement I can finally announce the winners of this year’s International Edible Book Festival!

[Drum Roll…]

I’m most grateful to this year’s patron, Bruce Ingman, who had the difficult job of choosing just three winners. As Bruce wrote to me today, “they should all be winners!“. I couldn’t agree more.

But there ARE winners, and in reverse order….

3rd Place goes to Entry 40, inspired by Snow White and the Huntsman by Lily Blake, Evan Daugherty, John Lee Hancock and Hossein Amini. Congratulations to Hannah Hallam, aged 11. Bruce said “Very inventive. A lot of thought has been given to the idea. Love the drawing too!

The winner of the 3rd prize!
The winner of the 3rd prize!

2nd Place goes to Entry 22, inspired by Space Penguins: Star Attack! by LA Courtenay, illustrated by James Davies. Congratulations to the Skeet Family, especially William aged 6 who wrote “Space Penguins are my new favourite books, because I like penguins and space, and I like the pictures.” Of this entry Bruce said, “I love the way the penguin’s face peers out of his helmet and the spacesuit. Very funny!“.

The winner of the 2nd prize
Winner of the 2nd Place

And finally….

In 1st Place…

Entry 55, inspired by a more traditional retelling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. Congratulations to Millie Riley, aged 11. Bruce said “This edible book is very funny, the expressions of the sleeping dwarfs are brilliant and beautifully made.

Winner of the 1st prize!
Winner of the 1st prize!

I’d like to thank everyone at Walker who helped arrange things with Bruce. But my thanks go especially to EVERYONE who entered – your enthusiasm and sense of fun was an inspiration for me! Bruce thoroughly enjoyed the judging, and I know people around the world (yes, really) have tuned in and looked at your edible books with delight. So really, everyone IS a winner 🙂

I’ll be emailing the three winners to arrange sending out your prizes, but in the meantime, do add a link to your blog posts (if you’ve written one) about your entries to the festival (by clicking the blue “Add your link” button below), and do check out each other’s posts. If you didn’t enter this year, perhaps start storing away ideas ready for next year!

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  2. zohra jabeen

    All the winning entries are interesting, deserve appreciation.

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